Tom Daly

Chief Marketing Officer

Turning big ships in small spaces and towards a digital future.

Tom has caught lightning in a bottle. Twice. (Actually, he caught it first in a box and then in a bottle.)

A conventional start at an exceptional advertising agency put in motion a series of events that positioned Daly to quietly shape not one, but two industries and in the process impact millions of businesses and billions of people on a global basis.  In his role as Chief Marketing Officer at Everscore, he’s working to add “Cannabis” to the list of industries he’s help build.

As a digital marketing leader with over two decades of experience across a variety of industry sectors (UPS, ING, and The Coca-Cola Company), he has harnessed emerging technology to create brand value by positively impacting experiences, facilitating more efficient value exchanges, and driving deeper engagement.

The resulting work has earned global recognition:

  • 2 appearances on AdWeek’s Top 10 List of “Most Influential People”
  • “Top 50 Most important people in Mobile Content”
  • OMMA “Interactive Marketing All-Star”
  • Mobile Marketing Association “Mobile Marketer of the Year”
  • AdAge “Digital Media Master”
  • Business Insider “Top 30 Most Creative People in Mobile Advertising”
  • Mobile Marketer/Mobile Commerce 2014 “Mobile Marketer of the Year” & “Mobile Evangelist of the Year”
  • 2015 inductee into the “Mobile Marketing Hall of Fame

With great pride and enthusiasm, he serves as advisor to The Ann Johnson Institute for Science, Technology, and Society at The University of South Carolina.

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