Steve Milton

Chief Technology Officer

Steve has spent 25 years in cutting edge data, e-commerce and ad tech businesses as a technology and data science leader.  He started his career as a founding team member at Trilogy where he built AI systems to increase sales for F500 companies.  Following that, Steve was on the founding team at  Living was one of the leaders in e-commerce during the early days and notched several firsts including using a variety of analytic techniques to tailor online shopping to buyers to increase sales response.  He was an early adopter of ATG as a leading e-commerce server and helped the company develop its first offering as part of the system.  Most recently, Steve co-founded PlaceIQ, a pioneer in digital ad network optimization.  He holds 16 patents related to techniques for optimizing ad spend and customer response as well as methods to filter fraudulent traffic from bid streams.  PlaceIQ is the trusted location / digital ad tech solution for companies such as Walmart and Target. 

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