The online marketplace connecting your Brands to curious customers nationwide

Americans are curious about cannabis. But today ’s curious
consumers are missing something – a safe, friendly, and convenient online shopping experience that connects them to innovative brands like yours. Everscore is that marketplace. For you, this means a fully integrated retail infrastructure and marketing smarts in one convenient digital platform.

Our proprietary audience platform and ad spend target consumers across an ad network of 40,000+ lifestyle publishers including Food & Wine, Martha Stewart, and Rolling Stone

We fulfill THC and CBD orders. We cover pick, pack, and ship for CBD products with free two-day delivery on orders $49.99+. THC orders are handled through licensed delivery partners in a select and growing list of communities.​
Free access to rich data analysis on customers, marketing stats, ,​ product performance, sales, order flow, and inventory.

Coming in 2022, our Seed to Shopper™ is our blockchain-based program that chronicles the provenance and standard of care at every step a product takes before it reaches a customer. METRC and more.

Why Everscore?

You got into this to make great products. We got into this to help you sell them. While direct-to-consumer e-commerce seems easy, it can be a minefield of hidden costs and red tape. The Everscore commitment to simplicity and transparency means that we prioritize every thing that makes your business better. SEO? We’ve got that covered. Email marketing? Covered. Customer acquisition? Yes! Plus, we handle fulfillment, payment authorization, customer service, taxes, website hosting and maintenance, compliance, privacy, and security. Your 30% GMV selling fee gives you access to Evers core’s platform and its complete range of capabilities, services, and expertise.

Join Us Today

The future of cannabis is almost here. Ready to take advantage and scale your brand for nationwide growth? We’re ready for you to join us. For more information, please schedule a consultation.​

Your Everscore partnership offers

Everscore Online Retail Sales, Merchandising, & Marketing

CBD and THC Fulfillment by Everscore

Data, Insights, and Operations

Seller Fees & Requirements

30% Gross Merchandise Value (GMV )

Inbound Shipping Sellers pay costs of inbound shipping and receiving

Variable Costs associated with returns
(transport, delivery partner)

Product Information Product descriptions,
digital assets, COA, and data for each SKU
to be uploaded to our Seller Portal and
delivery partner systems

Pricing Maintenance of accurate
information and pricing on

Storage Sellers ship products to our 3PL
and delivery partners for last mile fulfillment

Inventory Maintenance of accurate and
sufficient inventory levels at our 3PL and
delivery partners

Support Tier 2 product expertise 
and support