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Our Mission

Our mission is to connect curious consumers (millions of them) to innovative cannabis brands (thousands of them) every day, all day, 365 days a year by creating the world’s most efficient marketplace for cannabis and derived products.

Our platform has been designed to provide simple to use, cost-effective solutions to remove the numerous barriers that stand between the Seed and the Shopper.

Through our data cooperative, we process signals from 200 million mobile devices, 11 billion pages views per day generated by 40,000 online publishers all so we discover new shoppers and convert them to loyal, delighted consumers of your cannabis brand.

Only Everscore brings the Wholechain platform to the cannabis industry. Wholechain® is a blockchain based traceability solution built to enable trust, coordination, and transparency in fragmented supply chains.

Meet The New Cannabis Consumer

For them, it’s definitely not business as usual.

Playing that in reverse, if you want to create value, you need to shift power to consumers. That’s really “what” we’re doing: Giving consumers power. (Power = choice, confidence, and trust.) That’s why we’re so bullish on Wholechain.

A Tech Stack With Serious Abilities

Brands on the Everscore platform are taking advantage of an array of new technologies
in a very modern, sophisticated, and responsive way.

Not “responsive” like a mobile website, but responsive meaning:

The Simple Truth About The Cannabis Industry

This simple truth is that there aren’t enough current consumers in the category to sustain current and future production.

Consequently, the rosy growth projections promised to investors will be elusive and difficult to deliver. CBD and THC brands are battling for share growth (size of slice) which doesn’t add revenue to the category. It simply shifts the same dollar from one brand to another. We all need new dollars.

We’re concentrating on category growth (size of pie) by using technology to find people — millions of them — who look like category users, but in fact aren’t. Once we find those people, we’ll remove the barriers and get them engaged.

While some might be skeptical, this is likely to be easier than getting people who are already engaged with a brand to switch.

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